Rags to Riches

In the interest of solving the most immediate problems first, I found an urban farm willing to take food scraps. This is very exciting. I’ve been storing my scraps in the freezer until I’m able to drop them off, mainly fruit and coffee grounds. This little experiment is going to serve another important purpose: I’m going to see what I eat each week including how much meat, fat…because the farm doesn’t take animal products or oils into their composting.

Today we went to the Altgeld Sawyer Corner Farm in Logan Square.


The ASCF 2011

They accept food scraps for composting Wednesdays from 6:00-7:30P.M. No meat, oil…   Too much citrus not good. All produce from the farm goes to Christopher House, a school for low-income children.

Wednesday Nights

Altgeld Sawyer Corner Farm takes this:

Pre Compost

And turns it into this:

Post Compost

(The dark loamy stuff on the far right. We apologize. There’s really no excuse for careless photography. )

Here’s some info from their website:

Basic Composting requires Four Ingredients: Browns, Greens, Air and Water.

Browns are Carbon-rich matter like dry leaves and straw. Greens are typically Nitrogen-rich, “wet” matter like fruit and vegetable scraps. When layered or mixed in proper proportion with adequate moisture and ventilation, these materials efficiently decompose, producing fertilizer for the garden.

We run four composters at a time – created compost/soil is used to improve beds at our community farm, increasing our yields and the amount of food we can give to Christopher House’s food pantry.

Pro-tip: Collect your fruit and veggie scraps in a bag in the freezer. Prevents slimy veggies and gross smells – plus freezing helps the food begin its breakdown process!



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