Just Draw Me A Map

20140131_145118There is no curbside blue cart recycling at my building. In Chicago the Department of Streets and Sanitation provides bi-weekly recycling for single family homes and multi-unit buildings with four or fewer units. I live in a 9 unit building. I used to take my recycling over to a neighborhood drop off center, but they closed it. I don’t completely blame them I mean I saw people dumping old furniture there, possibly bodies, who knows? But they didn’t leave any information on other options and being a sometimes unfocused person I accomplished as much of the task as I could. I threw the recycling in my car.

Time passed and I threw more recycling in my car. I had to move it around all the time to accommodate passengers, while assuring them that it wasn’t garbage. Okay I guess, but I mean if someone’s getting a ride in your car do they really have a right to question you about the quality of the accommodations? When someone passed up a ride in my car in favor of the bus, in January, in Chicago, I realized that it wasn’t them acting weird, it was me. I was garbage-car woman. This is the really embarrassing part, all I did was google recycling Chicago and I got a list of Chicago Recycling Drop Off Centers. The one closest to me is like really close. But see I didn’t know that. I’m willing to cooperate. I just need totally explicit instructions and zero obstacles.

Wherever you are you should be able to find a recycling center nearby. Maybe not in like Montana, I don’t know, Google it. I’m sorry I can’t give out information for the whole country. I will list all of the local resources I discover. Chicago’s is above. If drop off recycling won’t work for you for whatever reason you can have a recycling program instituted in your greater than 4 unit building in Chicago. The program has some requirements, there’s some paperwork and you’ll need the cooperation of your neighbors. Recycling for Multi-Unit Residential Buildings link.

I’m trying to gain admittance to a Recycling Sorting Facility also known as a Material Recovery Facility or MRF. Actually, my goal is to get me and my video camera in. So far I haven’t received an invitation, but I will pester and annoy until something happens. It is an even more daunting task to get in to see a landfill site, it’s like asking to see The Ark of the Covenant. I will report my findings.

I’m photographing my garbage as promised. In the meantime my trash can is videoing itself.

3 thoughts on “Just Draw Me A Map

  1. I saw on the internet that the little symbol they put on plastics with the number inside is actually a satanic symbol indicating what level of hell you can expect to be sent if you don’t recycle it. Do you think it right that Obama is using The Dark Overlord himself to enforce his socialist-environmental agenda?


    Sarah P.

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